NPR features Susan Glisson and Charles Tucker in “Boundbreakers” Series (All Things Considered)


Listen to the conversation with Debbie Elliot here.

“Recently retired from Ole Miss, Glisson and her life partner, Charles Tucker, now have a consulting firm called Sustainable Equity. They work with major corporations, police departments and public institutions to foster racial dialogues.

Tucker says their goal is to ‘work ourselves out of a job.’

Tucker is black, and from the Mississippi Delta. Glisson is white and grew up in rural Georgia. So they bring different cultural experiences to bear.

‘You tell somebody we’re going to talk about race, first thing that jumps to mind is we’re going to have a shouting match,’ Tucker says.

But there’s no shouting at what they call ‘the Welcome Table,’ a space for respectful discourse.

And now it’s spread from Mississippi to Birmingham, New Orleans and South Carolina.

[Susan] says her motivation is simple: ‘My mother taught me to leave places better than I found them.’


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