Susan talks with Yes! Magazine

Amanda Abrams with Yes! Magazine writes “We Aren’t So Different—3 Steps to Overcome Hate and Fear: Avoiding Trump supporters only increases our already dangerous polarization. Here’s how to really listen and find compassion.”

Amanda points to evidence of the rise in hate crimes following the election. She then dives into the importance of building relationships during this divisive time and what it will take to begin building trust between people who may not agree with one another. She quotes Nelson Mandela, Everett Worthington of Virginia Commonwealth University, Pamela Ayo Yetunde, a pastoral counselor and community dharma leader in the Atlanta and our co-founder Dr. Susan Glisson.

Read the full article here. 

“On a practical level, that might mean venturing into new places that include a wide mix of people—new restaurants, places of worship, or volunteer organizations. But don’t dive right into asking about people’s political affiliations, Glisson cautions. Take the time to learn who they are first: What do they value about themselves? Where do they feel safe? Only after trust has been established can the most powerful changes—on all sides—occur.”


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