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Susan and Charles Attend NNSC’S 2017 National Conference on Race, History, and Policing: A New Vision for Public Safety.

After piloting a three-week trust-building session with law enforcement and over-policed community leaders in Birmingham in October, 2016, as part of The National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, Susan and Charles attended the bi-annual conference of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s  National Network for Safe Communities Charles moderated a panel discussion: Police-Community Reconciliation: Framework and Practice.

“Panel Description: For many, the sight of a police uniform evokes a feeling of safety and protection; for others, it triggers anxiety or mistrust. To change this dynamic, police agencies nationwide are striving to rebuild confidence with the communities that trust law enforcement the least. This panel highlights NNSC’s reconciliation framework that is being used by police and community members as part of the National Initiative for Building Community Trust & Justice, while also demonstrating that an honest acknowledgment of past harms does not undermine the difficult work police officers undertake, as they protect and serve.”

You can see other videos from the conference and find more information about the work being done here


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